At Enhance Ventures, we believe that great ideas come to life when capable people with common intent choose to spend time together. Thus, we create the Entrepreneur In Distance Program (EID) to find exceptional humans to spend time together with the shared goal of building awesome ventures in our region (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Turkey).

The goal of the EID Program is to find co-founders for our future ventures. To do this, we follow a “structured conversation” that can take 2-12 months depending on the individual EID’s preference. In this structured conversation, we test vertical marketplace ideas together with the EID. The ideas can come from our long list of over 100 vertical marketplace models or can be brought in by the EID. During this Ideation process, we also get a chance to mutually check for culture fit between the EID and Enhance and the passion of the EID for the new venture idea.

EIDs who successfully complete the Program end up as co-founders in the next vertical marketplace Enhance will build. This mean having significant stake in those ventures while having Enhance do a lot of the heavy lifting in providing technology, marketing, and human resources. Enhance also invests 2 years worth of runway so you can concentrate on building an incredible business and not on fundraising. The EID Program is highly selective (maximum 10 EIDs in any given moment) as we aim to have at least 50% of the EIDs succeed in launching ventures with us. And even if when we do not succeed in launching a venture with an EID, the Program benefits the EID with hands on venture building experience and a fellowship at Enhance Ventures partner Day One.

So, if you are a highly ambitious and capable human passionate about building digital marketplaces for the MENAPT region, consider applying for the EID Program. We look forward to hearing from you and having a chance to writing the digital future of our region together.

For more information, kindly download the EID Program Presentation here.

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